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A Western Montana law firm specializing in bankruptcy and small business law.

Welcome to Shimanek Law

A Missoula Bankruptcy Lawyer

Shimanek Law focuses on providing exceptional legal services to its clients in a personalized and cost-effective manner, whether you are looking for a fresh start through bankruptcy, furthering your entrepreneurial dreams of starting a new business, or protecting your rights if you are sued or injured.  

I have practiced law since 2002 in five states and multiple jurisdictions, successfully guiding thousands of debtors through the bankruptcy process, representing clients in non-compete and contract enforcement actions, and handling numerous bench and jury trials. Read more about my legal experience. 

Contact Shimanek Law for a free half-hour debtor bankruptcy consultation or to schedule a phone or in-person meeting to discuss your other legal questions today.   If you are looking for a Missoula Bankruptcy Lawyer, look to Shimanek Law. 

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