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Creditor Rights and Adversary Cases

Being a creditor in a bankruptcy can be confusing. Knowing your rights may help you recover all or part of the debt owed to you and keep you from running afoul of the Bankruptcy Court. Contact Shimanek Law to discuss the status of the debt owed to you and whether you have the ability to contest the discharge of the debt owed to you.

Adversary Cases are essentially lawsuits brought within the Bankruptcy Court. Among the many potential reasons for an adversary case, the suits can be used by creditors to enforce their rights, by the United States Trustees office to challenge a debtor’s ability to receive a discharge, or by debtors to discharge certain debts. Often, an initial retainer used to file a bankruptcy case does not cover these suits. If you have received an adversary case summons, if you are a pro se debtor, or you are a debtor whose counsel will not represent you in a adversary case, contact Shimanek Law to see what your rights and options are. 

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